Q. Why are custom cabinets so expensive?

A. Expensive is a relative term and unfairly tagged to a quality product. Expensive compared to what?

Custom cabinets are made specifically for the customer who orders them. They are designed to give you all the usable space that the measurements allow. We do not use filler pieces or make you compromise on sizes available.

Premade cabinets are made on an assembly line with no thought given to the individual who will buy them from a catalog. Cars are made on an assembly line, they don’t last. Your cabinets will last 25 to 40 years. Your cabinets can be made exactly the way you want . But here is the trade off – it may cost more, yet, you are getting more for your money. Thicker cabinet materials, long lasting hardware, etc.

Get an estimate, you may be surprised, there isn’t that much spread between custom cabinets and premade.

Q. How do I go about getting an estimate?

A. Call us, set up an appointment, visit our showroom – talk it through. The process is relatively simple. We can design and sketch your cabinet(s), give you numerous choices that your budget allows. We will job measure and be responsible for everything fitting or turning out properly.

Q. Can I do some of the work in order to remove some of the expense?

A. Yes, we are very flexible and allow the customer to do as much or as little as they want. Basically we are talking about the staining and finishing part of the custom cabinets, and the installation process. We do not sell precut cabinet parts that you can assemble at home. We can furnish new doors and hardware that will allow you to do a kitchen makeover.

Q. Do you make more than just cabinets?

A. Absolutely, we have talented craftsmen that have created many items over the years. Within reason – if it involves wood – we can do it.

We also make counter tops and can furnish the solid surface countertops, etc.

Q. Do custom cabinets take a long time to get?

A. Depending on the season and our schedule, your order could take from 3 to 6 weeks. Holidays can affect the lead time and winter months aren’t as busy as the other months.